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Where chemical-free processes and potent products are perfected.

Papa & Barkley products are created using solventless, chemical-free processes.

Using gentle infusion, the integrity and benefits of the cannabis plant are maintained, while avoiding harsh chemicals commonly used with CO2 and butane extraction. The result is clean, potent solutions we call Whole Plant Full SpectrumTM products.

You can call it your best Hemp experience yet.

Simply Clean & Potent

We believe that processing the plant correctly is key to effective relief.

We are proudly solventless.

As Nature Intended

Processing the plant correctly is key to the effectiveness of the final product. Infusing the base oil with Hemp maintains an earthy color, which comes from plant fats, chlorophyll, and other natural nutrients.

Clean is Simple

Our infused oils are made simply with low heat, pressure, and time. Think of whole plant infusion like choosing fresh-squeezed orange juice instead of an orange-flavored drink. It’s cleaner, complete with nutrients, and more effective.

Tested to Perfection

Our products are third-party tested for 66 pesticides, 5 microbials, and 10 residual solvents. Every product is certified by state and national standards with a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Ours is a clean process.


Pressure & Heat
Whole Plant Full Spectrum Oil

A simple and gentle infusion process that maintains the integrity of whole plant, resulting in solutions complete with cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients.

Theirs is chemically processed.



filtered by solvents

isolated compounds

Harsh extraction, using chemicals like CO2 and butane, to strip away and isolate plant compounds using solvents, like ethanol, causing an incomplete solutions.

Made better, to help you feel better.

Experience life-changing solutions.