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Hemp Releaf Balm

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Experience unmatched relief. 

This award-winning hemp balm is full of natural beneficial plant matter to provide hours of deep relief. Once applied, it delivers warmth followed by a cooling sensation for ultimate comfort.

Formulated without chemicals using non-GMO certified hemp. Available in all 50 states. 


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    Clean Processes

    We don't like products that use chemicals to break apart the plant and re-engineer it. Our process is solventless – completely chemical-free – and no harmful ingredients ever touch our products.

    Tout 435x435 Body Oil Simple Clean

    Effective Products

    Our proprietary Whole Plant Full SpectrumTM infusion process is fancy way of saying that we let the plant do the work. With just a little heat and pressure we infuse the beneficial elements of the plant into your product.

    Bukwild 430x365 solventless

    We're committed to using solventless processes, which means we never use harsh solvents or chemicals to produce our full spectrum products. Our products are clean, safe and effective.

    I Gen

    We’ve partnered with Nutrasource to achieve the IGEN Non-GMO certification. Nutrasource tests each of our products to certify that our products contain no GMO content.

    Leaping Bunny

    All topical products are Leaping Bunny certified. Ingredients used are animal-friendly, cruelty-free, and comply with the international standards set by the CCIC.

    WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm -